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This is the place for you to share your witness to God's love. Let the world know how Jesus has touched you. Share your stories and reflections and tell us how the Holy Spirit has made Himself manifest in your daily life. Post a prayer, give thanks to God.

Add your reflection or comments below so that we may all be enlightened and encouraged to walk our lives daily as true Catholic followers of Jesus.


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Brothers and Sisters, please share your thoughts with respect to these concerns. My wife and I have been married for 32 years and have been blessed with 2 wonderful children. We are caring, concerned people who do not hate, help our families and neighbors, and both serve humanity in "helping" professions, as do our children.
    We were raised Caholic, but fell away from the Church, and were married in a civil ceremony. Still, when I examine our lives, we truly live the religion in our daily existence and relationship to other people.
    I feel drawn back to the Church and believe that God is calling me back to the religion of my youth. My wife has no desire to practice as a Catholic at this time. I have gone to confession and discussed the above with the priest but was not given absolution, I believe because we are not married in the eyes of the Church. I shared with the priest that my wife and I, although we love each other deeply, live is a chaste relationship. I felt rushed out of the confessional ( I was the only one waiting for confession!), as this priest said a blesssing , no words of absolution, and told me to "go talk to a parish priest". I felt ashamed and not welcome, certainly not what I thought would be the case as a retuning "Prodigal Son."

    Please pray for me and give me your thoughts.

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

      I've been through this situation and if you believe nothing is impossible with God. What happened to me was I claimed and received what I asked for, I have no words to explain it but as the secular world called it- magic, but for me it is the Lord Jesus' word that changed my whole life and we received the sacrament of marriage.

  2. dear Brother in Christ,
    You know that Marriage is Sacrament in Catholic Church. You have made the choice to come Home to our faith,this by itself is the works of the Holy Spirit in you.Don't be discouraged with the confession, you have done your part,but you have to see the priest. There is always a WAY and process for it.Be patient.Attend Masses, and spend some time with the Living God in the Blessed Sacrament. Pray the Rosary everyday. will keep you in my prayers.Start doing this and see your wife will follow you soon.
    Don't delay to see a Priest. Living Christian is easier Than Living a Catholic Life.

    Christ Peace be with you.

  3. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    Please share your thoughts about contraception in Catholic Life. Are natural methods of contraception allowed in catholic faith.