"Are Converts Happier than Cradle Catholics?"

By Paul Dion, STL

There is a question that has been presented on a couple of serious Catholic blogs that the editors of fits into the spirit of this week's readings, Acts, chapter 2, verses 14 to 41 and the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verses 1 to 10.

The question addresses the state of mind of people who come to the Catholic Faith from other religions or from no religion at all. It is also related to the saying that we have all heard often, "There's nothing like a convert!"

It is rather true in many ways. It seems that converts are better catechized than cradle Catholics, they appear to know more of the details of our Catholicism than we do and they seem to be better "adjusted" to the ways and dictates of the Church than we are.

So the question is, "Are Converts Happier than Cradle Catholics?" Since there is no "right" answer to this, only conjecture, leaves it up to the readers to share and learn from the answers that you may have developed over the years about this question.

If you wish to see what some other Catholics have said about this, you may click here for a few opinions from the Deacon's Blog.

So let us know what you think.