What favorite bible verse serves as foundation for your spiritual life?

By Paul Dion, STL

I thought that we might give the reader the opportunity to provide a BURNING QUESTION of the week every now and then. I am therefore brazenly presenting the following.

I have been a Catholic all my life. I reserve the right not to declare my age. My father and mother were very devout Catholics. You know the type - more Catholic than the Pope.

Well, my father lived his life in prayer. He was a senior manager and a superintendent in the business world. He and I participated in the 5:30 AM Mass on every Sunday during the year. We never missed a single "Stations of the Cross" celebration during Lent. We received Communion every Sunday when it was only the "Holy Water Font Frogs" who did so. We recited the family rosary every single night of May and October and during the school year we had to answer all the questions of the Baltimore Catechism even though we had been grilled by the nuns in school during the day.

My father was one step ahead of a lot of the Catholics of his day in one respect. He had a Biblical guiding principle for his life. My maternal grandfather did too. Do you?

Our question to you this week is:

What is(are) your favorite and guiding Bible verse(s) that serve as the foundation for your spiritual life?