Why is First Communion so Important?

By Paul Dion, STL

This week we move on from the study of the sacrament of Baptism to the study of the sacrament of the Eucharist.For the most part, we move into the knowledge of the Eucharist because we prepare for First Communion.

Truth to tell, this preparation is the opening that we have to the "process" and the "obligation" of the Holy Mass. For the vast majority of us it is the first exposure that we have to the party caused by a spiritual event.

There are not too many of us who remember the party that followed our infant baptism. If we were first or second born of a fairly large family, we may have vague recollections of what happened on the occasion of the baptism of our younger siblings.

At that time, we had no idea why this was a big deal. But now, at the time of First Communion, we had some kind of an idea. On top of the spiritual happiness, we also had the great feeling that the bucks were rolling in. By the way, this was true in 1943 too. I remember it well. Then my parents took it and bought War Bonds for me. Yuk!

Let me tell you a little story about First Communion.

You all know that there are some sacraments that can be received only once in life. I was preparing some adult people for Baptism one year not too long ago. As a review of some of the topics that we had mentioned and studied in the not too distant past, I asked them what sacraments could be received only once in a lifetime. You guessed it, one "swift-boater" answered, "FIRST Communion". I am still laughing out loud about that one.

So OK, as an aside to the Burning Question, do you know what the "other" three are?
And don't forget to answer the Burning Question: Why is First Communion so Important?

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