"When was the last time you experienced your Catholic faith under attack?"

By Paul Dion, STL

"You will be hated by all because of my name,
but not a hair on your head will be destroyed."
(Gospel of Luke, chapter 21, verse18)

This is the story that will be read to us all on Sunday, November 18. is a Catholic Lifestyle Magazine. It is perhaps the only one in the world. It is a place where you can read about what it means to believe in God and to relate to Him by being Catholic. It is also a place where you can read about how other people live out their lives while being Catholic.

So is a place that does not only preach Catholicism but teaches it by showing how to live it through the example of other believers. As you all know there are other forces in the world that actually try to make it difficult for us Catholics to stay comfortable in our beliefs and actually attack us through ridicule and disparagement about our beliefs.

They are also sneaky about it sometimes through what they show us on television, in the movies and on the Internet. Sometimes they are so sneaky about it that we don't realize what is happening until a day or two later when we think about it again.

The Burning Question this week addresses our Catholic Lifestyle and the times in the near past when we felt that our religion was being attacked, or laughed at on television, in the movies, on the Internet and even in conversations at school, at work or even just in friendly conversation at a game or in the mall.

"When was the last time you experienced your Catholic faith under attack? How did you react?"

Tell us what happened.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I have a friend that is of another religion. Every March we seem to find ourselves together at a Nascar race in Las Vegas. It is during the lent season of course and I always abstain from eating meat on Friday. He usually will rub in that fact that he will be eating a big juicy steak and I will usually eat fish. He tries to tell me that the only reason that the church instituted this was to help the fishermen and their cause. I tell him whatever the reason is, I feel that during the lenten season our sacrifice to abstain from eating meat is very small in comparison to what Jesus Christ did for us by dying on the cross. And in remembrence of him we will continue to follow the churches teachings.

  2. During Lent we Catholics fast and abstain from red meat in solidarity with the Lord Jesus Christ who spilled his blood to die for us. It is a "corporate" prayer that reminds not only us Catholics but the entire world community of the sacrifice of the one God-Man who died to set us right with God and open the gates of heaven for all of us.
    Good for you. You have our permission to enjoy a nice juicy New England Halibut streak, even in front of your friend. You might invite him to join you in prayer by suggesting lobster.
    We will keep you in our prayers.
    May God bless you.

    Paul Dion, STL Theology Editor

  3. Well, I have been attacked for my Catholic faith, on many occasions, by atheists, agnostics, and by Christians of various denominations. The most interesting of all, is being attacked by those in leadership positions within my own Church. I can talk about the numerous examples of apologetics discussions to go on at my own apologetics site, but that would be the kind that most people have experienced. Last night, I was asked by a religious Sister, “Do you think that your theology is too rigid or harsh?”; “Do you think that you are a little bit too harsh on yourself?”. The way she described it, it sounded more like scrupulosity than anything else. I for one, am not a scrupulous person. When I examine my conscience and go to confession, my slate is wiped clean by the Blood of Christ; I am clean! I am free! There’s no feeling like it. My response was to say that, I don’t think I am. The Gospel calls us to continue to try to transform our lives, and conform it to Christ, that is part of the conversion process. We must strive for Christian perfection as the new Catechism teaches us. Now, I believe this religious Sister was only asking these questions because she was given another impression of me, from another person, also a religious Sister. I am glad that she has now come straight to me and listened to what I believe myself, and not the imperfect and inaccurate caricatures of me.

  4. It is true that Catholics themselves challenge each oher in a kind of contest, in order to justify themselves. As it is brought to out attention in today's reading from St, Luke, "Perservere..." Remember, God is in charge.