"What two sacraments were instituted by Jesus on Holy Thursday?"

By Paul Dion, STL

Welcome to all of you. We are living in the heat of the heart of the mystery of Christianity. We start at the moment of the last Seder Meal celebrated by Jesus with His disciples and we will end with the descent of the Holy Spirit into the hearts of the disciples. The first three days are called the Sacred Triduum and comprise Holy THursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil.

These three days which cap the Lenten Season and the following 50 days during which we meditate on the historic first days of the history of the Christian Church are the defining season of our Faith/Religion. We here at will do our best to provide you with the spiritual food which will make your relationship with Jesus grow and flourish on a daily basis.

Let us start with a simple Catechism question for you: What two sacraments were instituted by Jesus on Holy Thursday?

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  1. At first I was thinking, "Only one, Paul, are you making up another sacrament"? My first thought was the Eucharist, obviously. Then I realized, we can't have the Eucharist without priests. So that's my answer:

    1. Holy Eucharist
    2. Holy Orders

    If memory serves the Roman Catechism says the Holy Orders was established by the words,

    1Co 11:24 Vulgate: hoc facite in meam commemorationem


  2. Are you sure that you did not make that up? You get a gold star for your answer.

  3. Long ago I knew that the Eucharist was established on Holy THursday. Then just a few years ago, I learned in a homily that the Priesthood was established at that time also. Even though it was a Priest giving the homily, I questioned it simply because in my 80 some years, I had never heard that. Later I came to believe and know that he was correct.

    Why had I not heard that before? Was it omitted by other Priests? Or was it that God had given me ears to hear? I hope it was ears to hear. It would be sad commentary if it had been omitted, but even then the fault would be mine. I should have known it through reading the Catechism.